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The last time I watched Indiana Jones I thought to myself “This would be so much cooler with a werewolf.”  Well, Afterburn Press read my mind with Freaks & Gods, an upcoming series that features an unlikely trio of heroes including the first God Atum, adventurer and test pilot Steve-Steph Alexander, and the Silver Knight turned foredoomed Barghest.  The three of them have been ensnared by the Dark Tunnel, forced to travel a seemingly endless journey through space and time.  They then find themselves in the middle of an evil plot to transform the world's population into a mindless horde under the control of the King of the Living Dead.  No pressure or anything.


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Freaks & Gods blends new characters and those in the public domain, mixing up horror, sci-fi, and adventure.  The book is written by Chris Dreier and illustrated by Giuseppe D'Elia and Dreier.  The first issue is set to debut in June.


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