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Outside of conventions, the comic book industry doesn't have a ton of special holidays. There's Free Comic Book Day and...well, that's pretty much it. Sure, one could argue that every Wednesday is like a little holiday as that's when new books are released. Avatar Press has just made April 15th, 2015 a very special Wednesday as it will be the fourth annual C-Day, celebrating the publisher's extreme horror series, Crossed.


This will be the first C-Day that's not centered on creator Garth Ennis. This time around the focus is on writer Kieron Gillen who will be kicking off a new story arc set in the ancient past beginning in Crossed: Badlands #75 (debuting on April 15th. How convenient!)The arc is called "Homo Tortor" and takes place at a point in history where the human race nearly slipped into extinction and uncovers what role the Crossed plague played in that event.


Comic shops and fans holding special parties or cosplay events will be highlighted by Avatar Press and Bleeding Cool. Although Crossed depicts some pretty heinous stuff and excels at all manner of extreme horror, please bear in mind that the comic is fiction and this is the real world. Don't do anything stupid.












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