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Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray was a comic that came out of nowhere for me.  It was fun and exciting and filled with great artwork.  Unfortunately, it was only five issues long.  Or at least it was.  Image Comics has announced that Five Ghosts will be continuing as an ongoing series beginning with issue #6 in October.  

Five Ghosts comes from the creative team of Frank J. Barbiere and Chris Mooneyham.  It follows a treasure hunter named Fabian Gray (think Nathan Drake from the Uncharted games), who is bewitched by the mysterious power of “The Dreamstone.”  As a result, he is in a constant struggle with five archetypal ghosts (The Wizard, The Archer, The Detective, The Samurai, and The Vampire) that both possess and guide him.  

“Both Chris and I, as well as the whole Five Ghosts team, were amazed by the fantastic reception to our first few issues.” said writer Barbiere, “We certainly have a lot of stories to tell in this universe and are very excited to have the opportunity to tell them in an ongoing series.”

If you want to catch up (which you should), the first volume of the series will be collected in a trade paperback and released on September 18th.  That gives you more than enough time to read that and then dive into issue #6 when it hits shelves on October 30th.


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