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First Clip from Tusk Debuts on Twitter




Kevin Smith is on a roll.  The guy is producing content like crazy right now.  He's currently directing Yoga Hosers which is the second part of his True North Trilogy consisting of three horror movies set in Canada.  The first, Tusk, is set to debut in just a few weeks.  Smith released the trailer at San Diego Comic Con but nothing else has been seen until now.  The first clip from Tusk appeared on Twitter and you can check it out below.



There's a very Blair Witch Project vibe to this footage as Justin Long rambles on about his current situation and how sorry he is for all of his past transgressions.  I wonder if he plans to apologize for that mustache.


It makes sense that the first clip of the movie showed up on Twitter as it was basically greenlit through the social network.  After an episode of Smodcast with co-host Scott Mosier, Smith turned to Twitter to see if he should move forward with his idea of making a horror movie about a crazy guy turning another man into a walrus.  The result was a resounding yes, or rather #WalrusYes.  


Tusk will debut on September 19th, 2014 from A24 Films.  You can check our more information about the film, including the podcast that spawned it, at its official website.








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