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If you didn't know already, AMC has been showing "Shockumentaries" during its Fearfest 2012. In addition to airing numerous horror films (including the Friday the 13th series), it's been popping documentaries (3 - 5 minutes in length) in the mix of its marathon.

From the press release:
AMC has also developed several mini-shockumentaries to precede and play during these many films. 10 ‘Living Nightmares’ will be aired during AMC’s Fearfest beginning October 15th. These short reels of 3-5 minutes in length include: the violent expose Breaking Point, the eye-opening hydrophobia focused Dead Pool, the controversial alien short Invasion and the human blood drinking documentary Blood Work. All of these short features focus on a specific human terror!

Several horror stars are featured in these mini-documentaries. Horror icon Bill Oberst Jr. (
Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies) re-enacts Elliot Cruise’s real life testimony as an extraterrestrial expert in Invasion. Cruise’s real life accounts of Area 51 and the Roswell Incident will terrify viewers and it will make them see the universe in a much different way. Actor Circus Szalewski (Zombies vs. Strippers) is Rusty Wallingsford in Abduction. Rusty recounts his experience at the hands of a greyish alien species who used scalpels to tear into his friend. Dave Vescio (Lost Soul) also stars. Vescio retells Det. Pink’s many years of experience pursuing criminals who drink blood for “power.” Video evidence from Blood Work also suggests that there are dozens of “blood-drinkers” operating actively in the San Fernando Valley. Finally, Irina Stemer (The Killer Within Me) is Dr. Metgzer in Cannibals. Dr. Metzger has promoted real life cannibalism for years now. Droughts and a lack of food, she believes, mean that cannibalism is now a viable alternative for human consumption! All of these terrifyingly true tales are now available to watch at AMC’s Fearfest or through the AMC Youtube Channel linked below. Discover the truth behind all of these myths now!

The complete line-up of Mini-Docs’ include: Breaking Point, Sleep No More, Dead Pool, Bugged to Death, Invasion, Cannibals, Blood Work, Hallow’s Eve, Evil Spirits, and Abduction. All of these episodes will be shown between October 15th and October 31st.

The shorts were directed by Steve Peterson and stars include Bill Oberst Jr. (Children of Sorrow),  Dave Vescio (Gemini Rising) Irina Stemer (The Killer Within Me), and Circus Szalewski (Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt).

Missed one, all or just want to catch them again? No worries! All of the available Mini’-Docs’ are located here:

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