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You've got your science and you've got your fantasy and never the two shall meet, right?  This isn't a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup scenario.  These are two polar opposites.  Well, not really, at least not in the case of Ether, an upcoming series from Dark Horse Comics.  The book, from Matt Kindt and David Rubin, centers on Boone Dias, a science-minded interdimensional explorer from Earth.  He's seen magic first hand and he's trying to reconcile its existence with his own scientific reality.  

The title comes from a supernatural realm with magical residents, of which Boone is a regular visitor.  The residents there trust him to solve their toughest crimes by combining his background in science with the Ether's magic.  

Ether came from my love-hate relationship with the supernatural. It’s not a genre I’m particularly attracted to as a creator, and I really wanted to figure out why.” said Kindt “So in a lot of ways, the main character in Ether is a surrogate for the part of me that wants to explore the supernatural but also wants everything to be explained — which can literally ruin the magic of a supernatural story.”

I originally wasn't going to write up a piece about Ether as I figured it was more fantasy than horror.  Then I read Kindt's quote above about how Boone is a surrogate for himself and the rules that govern a supernatural tale.  I respect that and I'm curious as to how that works.  

Ether #1 is set to debut on November 16th, 2016.



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