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There's something to be said about what interests and influences us as children.  The current wave of comic book movies being churned out by Hollywood is evidence of that.  There's a darker end to that  though.  What about the kids that were into horror?  They grew up and are making their own mark on the worlds of film, television, and comics thanks to the classic horror stories of old.  Creator and illustrator Matthew Therrien seems to be one of those kids as he's put together The Gates of Misery, a new horror anthology comic that is now available digitally with a print release on the way.

Originally made thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, The Gates of Misery includes stories from Brandon Cronenberg, Steven Kostanski, Jon Knautz, and Dave Alexander.  Therrien's idea was to provide an outlet for horror writers and filmmakers, many of which had never written comics before, to create their own six page horror stories.  Unrestrained from the likes of budgets, the writers could create anything they could pull from their nightmarish minds.  Artwork on the project was provided by Therrien himself, as well as Andrew Barr, Shira Haberman, and Trevor Henderson.

The Gates of Misery #1, clocking in at 32 pages is currently available on The Gates of Misery site.  A limited print release is planned for the near future.



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