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Oni Press has released the first chapter in the eight part tenth anniversary edition of Elk's Run.  ComiXology will debut a new chapter each week through October 13th, before the series is collected in a new hardcover on November 11th.  

The series, by Joshua Hale Fialkov, Noel Tuazon, and Scott Keating, is a rural horror tale, set in the small town of Elk's Ridge.  The area is a closed haven, dreamt up by Vietnam vets looking to create a utopia.  There's no violence, chaos, or corruption.  At first, this seems like it might actually work, but as time goes on, the town becomes a powder keg.  A desperate bid for freedom leads to the accidental death of a child and now the town must decide what terrible acts they're willing to commit in order to preserve their way of life.  And what of the kids in Elk's Ridge that never chose to live this life?  Can they forsake everything they know to stand up for what is right?

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"In it's original publication, we never got to tell the whole story in a serialized format,” says Fialkov. “It was always designed for that, and I think the work Noel and I did on it is a wholly different experience when read that way. I'm extremely grateful to Oni Press and to ComiXology for a chance to share that story with readers serialized weekly, and then, even better, we get a deluxe hardcover edition right afterwards in November.”

This isn't the first digital first publication that Oni Press has rolled out recently.  The publisher used the same tactic with Junior Braves of the Apocalypse and Odd Schnozz & the Odd Squad, although I believe those were brand new titles, not previously published material.  In any case, it's a great idea as it satisfies both digital and print readers.  Fialkov is a great writer as evidenced by his work on titles like Echoes and The Bunker, so I'm happy to get a chance to check out Elk's Run as I missed it the first time around.  

The first chapter of Elk's Run is available now via ComiXology.  The hardcover collection is due out on November 11th.

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