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Eli Roth's Goretorium has a few more effects from LA ProPoint, a national leader in the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of stage and show systems. Called the Meat Grinder and the Elevator, the two will be part of the only year-round horror attraction in Las Vegas.

From the press release:
The Meat Grinder is a rotating vortex tunnel that is 12 feet in diameter and approximately 24 feet long. A steel-grated bridge guides guests through a grisly mass of identifiable human body parts, which are ground down to mush by the interior blade in a gruesome simulation of a meat grinder. The body parts are made from mannequin parts and are reduced to bead foam chunks and composite foam-sawdust meal to simulate the human carnage.  

The Elevator, another attraction feature, is a freight ("fright"!) elevator that simulates a free-fall of seven or eight floors. It simulates normal operation but then plummets with a rush of air and light after a lunatic (an actor) cuts the support cables from atop the elevator. The experience is true-to-life and delightfully horrific for Goretorium guests.

"We are thrilled to provide some frightful attractions for the Goretorium," says Mark Riddlesperger, founder and president of LAProPoint. "This unique attraction should be a popular spot in Las Vegas, and our Meat Grinder and Elevator promise to make the experience unforgettable."

The Goretorium is the work of Eli Roth, the actor-writer-director behind horror films such as
Hostel and its sequel. Designed to resemble a 60s-era hotel, the Goretorium will feature the Meat Grinder, the Elevator, a go-go lounge, and a chapel, which will be open for real-world weddings. At any one time, there will be 35 to 40 actors at work, many of whom have previous experience in horror-themed attractions. The floor plan is interactive and free-form; guests can choose their own path, from visiting a laundry room with human skin or entering bathrooms with blood-dripping mirrors. Tickets are $35 if purchased online.


Links: Goretorium Official Site | La ProPoint


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