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Awards winning indie hit Egomaniac will be having its Video on Demand release on August 15th in the UK, USA and Canada. The second feature film by writer-director Kate Shenton (Screen International Rising Horror Star nominee) will be available to rent and buy on iTunes. Egomaniac has just finished its limited London theatrical run with its final screening being at the Prince Charles Cinema.

Egomaniac had its world premiere at Fright Fest 2016 and has a hugely successful theatrical run including screened at Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival, Boston Horrorthon, IFC Horrorthon, Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, RIP Horror Festival LA, Unrestricted View Horror Festival, Overkill Film Festival, Dundead and Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

Based on Kate Shenton’s personal experiences, Egomaniac is a satirical dark comedy about independent filmmaking with a grizzly horror twist at the end. The film stars Nic Lamont and Adam Rhys-Davies as well as Lawrence Harvey (Human Centipede 2&3.)

Catherine Sweeny is determined to make a zombie horror romantic comedy but everybody in the industry keeps telling her she needs to put a talking dog in the film. Desperate to make a dream project Catherine goes to any lengths to make a film but too much compromise can kill.

Egomaniac is also being developed into a morally charged, narrative-adventure mobile app game, made by Feature Games and to be released later in the year. The game will be available Android,
iOS, PC & Mac.

Game concept
Egomaniac is a morally charged, narrative-adventure game with a Killer Concept. You’re Fresh out of film-school and set to make your independant debut feature film. Only one catch. You can’t
finance it. In the game you will need to barter Compromise Points (or CP) against your Sanity Meter, to keep enough money to stay alive, but sane enough to not end up behind bars. Can you handle the sleazy producers, the dodgy distributors and the nasty, backstabbing world of the indie filmmaker?

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