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Edward Scissorhands Comes to Comics




Twenty years ago Edward Scissorhands hit theaters and became every goth kid’s dream.  The movie ended with an aged Kim being asked by her granddaughter “How do you know he’s still alive?” to which she answers “I don’t know.  Not for sure.  But I believe he is.”  IDW Publishing has partnered with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products to continue the story where the film left off, answering that question beginning in October.


The all-new adventures will be written by Kate Leth with interior artwork by Drew Rausch.  Gabriel Rodriguez will be providing a cover for the debut issue, although I’m sure he won’t be the only one.  


The story picks up with Kim’s granddaughter Meg.  She grows up with Edward Scissorhands being a legend; nothing more than a bedtime story.  When strange things begin to happen in her sleepy little town, it reawakens her curiosity and she decides to search for the mysterious man she’s only heard about in stories.


"Edward Scissorhands is one of those dream projects that only pop up once in a lifetime, so any new story set in its universe demands to be treated with love and reverence,” said IDW Editor Sarah Gaydos. “We've found a team in Drew and Kate, along with a crew of top cover artists who are not only exceptionally worthy of the task, but are bringing something completely fresh and relevant to the table."

"I'm overwhelmed with excitement to be writing Edward Scissorhands. As a former (and lifelong) teen goth, few things are as close to my heart as Tim Burton's cult classics,” said series writer Kath Leth. “We're taking the story forward in time and telling a bit of a girl detective story—one of my favourite genres—a bit closer to modern times but still with that eerie, anachronistic touch. It's a bit creepy, a bit scary, but always full of wonder. Drew and I have so much love for the film, and we like to think it shows. Keep your eyes peeled for easter eggs and plenty of spirals…”


"I keep having to remind myself that this is happening—but if there was ever a team made for telling the further tales of Edward Scissorhands, it has to be Kate and I,” said series artist Drew Rausch. “No—seriously, IDW just built us a few months ago from some parts they had lying around. It's been a little weird.  We're still getting the hang of all this "living" stuff but we promise to deliver a story that's just as perfectly timeless, chilling and heartwarming as the original—cross our cookie hearts!"


Edward Scissorhands is set to debut in October.











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