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In a move that will reaffirm the beliefs of agoraphobics around the world, Dynamite Entertainment has announced a new series where the human touch is deadly.  The Great Divide, from writer Ben Fisher and artist Adam Markiewicz, is set in a near future where the slightest touch from another's skin results in agonizing death.  The surviving humans are isolated with many driven mad by fragments of memories absorbed from the dead.  When a pair of thieves stumbles upon the means to save mankind, they learn that not everyone is eager to see the old world order restored.

"The Great Divide is set in a desperate, dangerous world. But at the heart of the book are two people struggling with the same basic question we all have: how do we find real connection with each other?" says author Ben Fisher. "That blend of high concept action and deeply personal motivation is fertile ground for storytelling, and Dynamite is the perfect platform for this series."

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"After working with Ben on our lighthearted Grumpy Cat comic series, we wanted to offer him a chance to do something of his own creation," says Dynamite CEO/Publisher, Nick Barrucci. "When he turned in the pitch for The Great Divide, it was exactly the kind of thrilling horror-fueled science fiction we love here at Dynamite. It's destined to be one of our standout original series of the year!"

Each issue of The Great Divide will also contain unique bonus digital content.  Issue #1 will include a download code for “Teowawki,” a song about a doomsday prepper on a first date, written and performed by Ben Fisher.  

The Great Divide sounds like an interesting book with a lot of possibilities.  I'm eager to check this out, although I'm not sure when it will actually be released. 

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