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Dynamite Entertainment Launches Lady Demon



Everything old is new again and it's working pretty well. Dynamite Entertainment is expanding its roster of Chaos! Comics characters with Lady Demon beginning in December 2014. The vivacious and vicious hellraiser will be making her first appearance in fifteen years with her own self-titled comic series written by Aaron Gillespie and illustrated by Mirka Andolfo. The first issue will feature covers from Joyce Chin, Mirka Andolfo, Allison Sohn, Cat Staggs, Cedric Poulat, and Mike Mayhew.


I will admit that I have no idea who Lady Demon is, but Dynamite has been growing the Chaos! universe of late with new books such as Purgatori and Chastity so it definitely seems to be striking a chord. Here's the solicitation info for Lady Demon #1:


On the run from Lucifer's hit squad, Lady Demon rides a newly arrived soul back to earth. Little does she know, the soul is attached to a woman in the middle of a dark conspiracy. That suits Lady Demon just fine... because it means she gets to kill a whole lot of people.


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"Lady Demon is the natural choice for the next Dynamite / Chaos! character," says Aaron Gillespie, whose Lady Demon series runs concurrently alongside his in-universe Purgatori series. "She brings the same delightfully nasty attitude and alluring visual aesthetic as the other Chaos! mainstays, but she adds an action element that will be unique to her book. While the other Chaos! books dealt with world-ending battles and intricate plots, the Lady Demon mini-series focuses on the woman Lady Demon possessed. I am using Lady Demon to tell a violent, sexy, and still very human story of revenge and redemption."


"Fans have been asking about Lady Demon since before our first Chaos! book even hit shelves," says Nick Barrucci, Publisher and CEO of Dynamite Entertainment. "We knew from the start that we had to bring her back in a special way, and now the time has finally arrived. We've been so pleased with the work that our many Chaos! contributors have done, Aaron Gillespie and Mirka Andolfo included. Aaron's been delivering month after month on Purgatori, and Mirka's artwork on the world-building (and world-destroying) Chaos! mini-series was spectacular. We can't wait for fans to see what these two have planned for Lady Demon."


The first issue of Lady Demon will be available at your local comic shop and a variety of digital platforms in December 2014.



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