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The Raw Dog Screaming Press release of Odds and Ends: An Assortment of Sorts, Dustin LaValley's latest collection of flash fiction, is just around the corner. According to the press release, "Odds and Ends further challenges norms by not only being a thought experiment, but a commercial experi-ment as well: there will be no charge to readers for this book. Both LaValley, and his publisher Raw Dog Screaming Press, firmly believe that not only do the boundaries of writing need to be pushed to meet the needs of readers, but publishing models must evolve as well."

To celebrate this release, Raw Dog Screaming Press pulls out all the stops with a trailer, contests, giveaways, a blog and website tour, and more. In addition, for those who will be in the Pittsburgh, PA, area the weekend of July 19 - 21, you can hit up Confluence / DogCon2 (a sequel to the fantastic DogCon) for a chance to meet LaValley, as well as check out some other offered events.

Prepare to be ferried to an unfamiliar realm on the bony back of despair. Author Dustin LaValley takes us down face first with rapid-fire flash fiction in the form of Odds and Ends: An Assortment of Sorts. Already associated with the dark and bizarre, LaValley expands his repetoire to experiment with form and literary introspection. These harrowing meditations on the nature of the world—and the very purpose of humanity—not only provide chills, but strangely the effect of this read is vastly disproportionate to its length, leaving us with scars to contemplate for a long time to come.

The collection promises to appeal to fans of dark literary fiction in the vein of that published by authors such as Chuck Palahniuk, Barry Gifford, Bret Easton Ellis, Larry Fondation, and Eric Miles Williamson.

Still curious on what you are in for? Well, check out the videos below for a taste of what you can expect.

First up is Paul McCarthy-Boyington reading "Is This Death?". An actor and musician, McCarthy-Boyington has starred in films such as The Human Race, Dug Up, and Altered. If you haven't seen Altered, you need to. The follow up film of The Blair Witch Project director Eduardo Sánchez (The Lovely Molly, V/H/S/2), it's really a well acted, well directed, underrated gem.



Next we have the writer/director/actor of The Orphan Killer, Matt Farnsworth, reading "Sadomasochistic Man" and "The Inevitable Mr. Death".



So now you are no doubt asking, "How much and where can I get it?" Well, the cost is free – you read that right, NADA – and it's available for your Kindle, Nook, and all other major eBook formats. Keep an eye out for it on this page, and we'll be sure to remind you on our Twitter page (so make sure you are following us!). Also, make sure you click on that banner below to enter our contest to win some artwork from Odds and Ends!


UPDATE: You can now score your free copy of Odds and Ends from Raw Dog Screaming Press!

Get on it!

Dustin LaValley Links: Official Site | Facebook | Twitter
Raw Dog Screaming Press Links: Official Site | Facebook | Twitter


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