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Three titans of the classic literature world realized that the musty old libraries aren't big enough for all of them.  Dracula, Robin Hood, and Jekyll & Hyde have been battling it out in the aptly titled Dracula Vs. Robin Hood Vs. Jekyll & Hyde from Mohawk Media's Eco Comics imprint.  Written by Chris Bunting and illustrated by JL Czerniawski, the three issue mini-series featured the characters coming to blows after some time travel puts them all in the same era.  Will they work out their differences and work towards a common goal?  Or is it more fun to punch each other in the face?  

Other famous faces from literature make cameos in the comic, including Frankenstein's Monster.  Overall, it's fun ride and one that I hope Mohawk expands upon with other characters in the future.

Bunting says: "You get three legends for the price of one: A Robin Hood who is anything but a cheesy gallant hero. A Dracula with a lot of skeletons in his closet, and a leviathan Hyde who could smash the Hulk."

I've enjoyed each issue separately, but I'm glad that the publisher is collecting it in one easy download.  No official release date has been announced, but fans can expect it soon.  The graphic novel will be available in a variety of digital formats, including via the Eco Comics store.


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