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It's a good day to be a fan of somewhat obscure graphic novels as Dog Mendonça & PizzaBoy are making a move to mobile gaming.  Deep Silver Fishlabs has released a game in the Apple App Store based on the Dark Horse Comics series of graphic novels from Filipe Melo, Juan Cavia, and Santiago Villa.  When I reviewed the first title, The Incredible Adventures of Dog Mendonça & PizzaBoy, I wished for more, along with a movie, a TV shows, and a toy line.  I didn't even think to ask for a game at the time.

The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & PizzaBoy takes place in the beautiful, but haunted city of Lisbon, the monster capitol of the world.  Players take on the role of Enrico, a former pizza delivery guy who works as the unpaid apprentice of occult investigator Dog Mendonça.  Joined by a moody gargoyle’s head and a tough-as-nails demon, Enrico must solve a criminal case beyond belief.  The game features comic-styled graphics and fun-to-solve riddles along with full voice acting and tons of references to pop culture.  Deep Silver worked with the comic creative team to get the look and feel just right.  

The game is a full-fledged premium app retailing for $4.99.  This initial purchase unlocks all content and features.  There are no fee-based chapters.  Currently it's only available in the Apple App Store, but a Google Play version is coming soon.

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