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Man, the folks at Valiant Entertainment do not rest. Fresh off the premiere of Divinity #1, the prestige format from writer Matt Kindt and artist Trevor Hairsine, the publisher has released a preview of the second issue, due out on March 18th. If the first issue is anything to judge it by, you're going to want to pick this up.


Divinity follows a Soviet cosmonaut that seems to have the powers of a god. He's taken up residence in the Australian Outback where some see him as a savior while others believe he will usher in a new Communist Age. How do you fight someone that can basically do anything? Should you even fight someone like that? The first issue really set the tone for the series and pulled me in very quickly.


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This title is part of the publisher's Valiant Next initiative which includes four other big comics from the likes of Fred Van Lente, Jeff Lemire, Butch Guice, and more. It's a pretty great jumping on point too.


Divinity #2 will be available on March 18th.


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