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Fresh off the release of Love Stories to Die For, Dirk Manning gets to see his name in print again.  This time it's from Devil's Due Entertainment.  The publisher has announced its plans to release print collections of Manning's latest horror webcomic, Tales of Mr. Rhee in Winter 2013.  Future content featuring Mr. Rhee is currently in “tentative planning stages.”

Here's the brief writeup about Tales of Mr. Rhee:

Five years ago Hell invaded Earth in a “nightmare world” scenario, only for the demons to be driven back into the abyss after three days of world-wide oppression.  Society has now rebuilt itself, though, and everything is back to normal…or so most people choose to believe. There are still wicked things left behind that occasionally emerge from the shadows, prompting the involvement of the cryptic and enigmatic paranormal troubleshooter known only as “Mr. Rhee.”

“Tales of Mr. Rhee makes perfect sense as the next addition to the Devil’s Due family” says Josh Blaylock, founder of the Devil’s Due brand. “Dirk is a work horse, constantly promoting his titles, and looking for a different approach to how publishing is handled, and that is the kind of creator we’re looking for. Plus, Mr. Rhee is just a wonderfully sick and twisted collection of horror stories I couldn’t resist.”

Manning adds, “Tales of Mr. Rhee is a series I’ve wanted to take from web to print for a long time, but I’ve been waiting for the right set of circumstances which would allow me to reward the most die-hard fans of the series with a really cool bookshelf edition while also being able to unleash the franchise on the mainstream market. Bringing the series to Devil’s Due will allow me to offer existing fans a deluxe edition collection of the series while also introducing new comic readers to the character who is about to become their new favorite horror comic icon.”

No official release date has been announced for the print release of Tales of Mr. Rhee, but product will begin shipping this Winter.  Manning and Devil's Due Entertainment plan to utilize both digital and national store distribution as well as crowd funding platforms to get Mr. Rhee out there to the readers.  

Dirk Manning is no stranger when it comes to taking comics from the web to print.  His previous webcomic, Nightmare World has been collected in three trade paperbacks (although they're missing a few of the strips).  I'm a little ashamed to say that I haven't read Tales of Mr. Rhee despite the fact that it was online for free for some time.  I really dug Nightmare World though so I'll definitely be checking this out.











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