Destination America Logo SmallThe Paranormal Project will premiere on Destination America on Saturday, February 16 at 10 PM E/P. The show follows real people who, instead of calling in their local ghost hunters, take it upon themselves to capture evidence of supernatural phenomena in their homes.

From the press release:

Documented by real people who believe their homes are paranormal playgrounds, The Paranormal Project uses security cameras and handheld recording devices in an attempt to capture real ghostly activity in two homes.

  • Chris bought a Civil War hospital sight unseen over the internet that he now intends to restore and turn into his new home. But all these years later, the building in in Keokuk, Iowa, is a paranormal battleground for soldiers who never returned home from the war.


  • In Clovis, Cal., Shawna and her family reach their breaking point as she experiences vicious attacks from an unseen entity. Paranormal investigators refuse to help, believing it’s a demon they are no match for. Now the family takes it into their own hands to save themselves from the dark forces at work.

As someone who was a big fan of the first few seasons of Ghost Hunters, but quickly got tired of the imitators that followed, this one looks pretty interesting. The problem with the "ghost hunting" type shows is they just seemed so forced and contrived and riddled with bad acting. Ghost Hunters fell victim to this, too, and I eventually stopped watching. Perhaps the lack of a camera crew — as promised here — will lead to a more believable show.

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