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Deep State Asks Who Covered It Up




BOOM! Studios has a talent for teasing upcoming comics.  Last week the publisher sent out some cryptic newspaper clippings with all but a few words redacted, revealing a message such as “Everyone dead it was waiting” on a picture of the moon landing.  The images were meant to tease the upcoming ongoing series Deep State from Justin Jordan and artist Ariela Kristantina, debuting in November.  


The comic stars John Harrow, a man working for the U.S. government to ensure the nation’s secrets are kept…well…secret.  The first story arc has Harrow recruiting a new partner to help him control the fallout after some buried facts about the 1969 moon landing are dug up.  Contrary to the popular conspiracy theory, the moon landing was not faked or filmed on a sound stage.  It turns out that the highly publicized landing in July 1969 was actually the country’s third mission there, not the first.  OK, now I’m in.  This sounds like a fun, less supernatural version of The X-Files.  


The first issue of Deep State will be released in November and is now available for pre-order.



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