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Death Trash brings action, classes, and pixel-art to a new planet

I’ve been keeping my eye on Death Trash for ages. Ages. I gorge on every piece of pixel-art that Stephan Hövelbrinks shares over on Twitter and pour over every new GIF, but for some reason – let’s just say I’m not the sharpest knife in the wasteland – I didn’t think to write about the game. Until now.

Death Trash is an unapologetic pixel-art action-RPG being developed by Stephan Hövelbrinks (design, art, coding), with James Dean (not that one) handling audio.

From the mouth of the developer himself, the game is “a grotesque singleplayer post-apoc RPG where you can be a friend of monsters, shoot your shotgun at everyone, barf, curse, celebrate, sneak, blow up and ponder.” Sounds perfect to me.

In the future, mankind leaves Earth and find a new home on a planet called Nexus. As we always do, we create machines to protect ourselves and make our lives easier. The opposite happens. They wipe out the majority of humans and leave behind a dangerous wasteland.

You play as a raider in this wasteland, mixing combat, stealth, dialogue, inventory, attributes, skills, item crafting and psi powers to create your own unique character. Using these skills across the game’s campaign and side missions, you’ll have the choice to fight machines and creatures or even befriend them.

Everything leads to entities known as the Bleeding Head Oracle and the Evergrowing Heart, giving you the power to mend or destroy in an inevitable war against the machines.

That all sounds pretty serious, but Death Trash (and Hövelbrinks himself) has an dark sense of humour that I’m in love with. I have no doubt that this sense of humour will be seen across the cyberpunk chaos of these desolate environments, most likely in places like the “Puke Bar”.

Enjoy a few tweets that show off Death Trash at the same time as Hövelbrinks’ twisted sense of humour:



Since you undoubtedly now want to know all about when and where you can begin raiding or rescuing the world of Nexus, here’s what I know...

Death Trash is coming to Windows, Max OS X, and Linux. No release date has been given other than “when it’s ready”, which fits right in with the unapologetic theme of the game so far. Whenever the release date will be, it already looks worth a wait. Until then, keep up with everything as it happens on Hövelbrinks’ Twitter, Death Trash Twitter, or by signing up to the Death Trash newsletter on the official website.

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