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Embalming has to be a pretty interesting job, right? They can probably tell loads of stories. Troy Graves certainly has one. He’s the main character for Death Dreamer, a new graphic novel written by Scott Ian Lewis, illustrated by Christian DiBari, colored by Simon Gough, and lettered by Taylor Esposito. Here's the pitch for the original graphic novel:

Troy Graves is no stranger to death. Now that he's an embalmer at Sunset Hills Mortuary he's never been closer to it. But behind the closed doors of the prep room all is not right. Bodies seem to appear and disappear mysteriously. And he's not the only one who's noticed... Following the horrific death of a City Councilman, Troy finds himself drawn back into a violent existence he'd kill to forget.    

Lewis is using IndieGoGo to crowdfund the release of the graphic novel, which will debut at San Diego Comic Con. The 54-page graphic novel will feature a cover by Chris Shehan.

Death Dreamer is a world that's lived in my head for years. First existing on that page as a television script and now it's grown into a graphic novel brought to life by an incredibly talented team of artists,” remarked author Scott Ian Lewis.  “Christian, Simon, Taylor, and Chris have really elevated the characters in a truly amazing way. This book has been created completely independently, from writing the script on tour buses in eastern Europe to finding our amazing artist's through Twitter.”  

“Releasing the first edition directly in the hands of the fans that have supported me is something I couldn't be more excited for. There is a lot of me in this story and throughout the characters. My hope is you connect with them in a way that pulls you deep into the dark world of Death Dreamer,” added Lewis.

The Death Dreamer IndieGoGo campaign is currently 16% of the way towards its $30,000 goal with a month left to go. Rewards include the book itself, posters, , prints, and a Death Dreamer evidence bag packed with goodies.

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