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You can't keep a good zombie down.  Such is the case with Deadworld from IDW Publishing.  Creator Gary Reed is bringing us more from his world of intelligent zombies with Deadworld: Restoration, beginning this December.  Reed will be joined by artist Sami Makkonen, his collaborator on the last Deadworld mini-series War of the DeadRestoration is set to continue where that title left off and head into even darker territory.

“I’m excited about this series,” said writer Gary Reed, “And the title of the series, Restoration, ties in with a number of different elements within the story.  Yes, some things are restored but it’s not going to be what most people think.”

Deadworld: Restoration picks up after the lepers have been slaughtered.  The people who escaped the breeder pits now look for safety in New Washington.  The zombies are under the control of the half-human / half-zombie hybrid named Donna, but is she actually leading the undead?

The first issue of Deadworld: Restoration will be available at your local comic shop or favorite digital device this December.

I have some catching up to do with Deadworld as I only read one or two issues of War of the Dead.  It has some interesting concepts with intelligent zombies and lepers on the front lines of battle.  Looks like I've got some reading ahead of me before December rolls around.  What do you think of the new series from Gary Reed and Sami Makkonen?


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