Dead Space Liberation CoverDead Space 3 is still a few months away from causing me to crap my pants from fright, but Electronic Arts is getting a head start on the back story.  There are a lot of questions about the new character in the series, Sergeant John Carver.  He's out for revenge but how did he end up fighting alongside engineer Isaac Clarke?  They don't seem to have much in common outside of their quest to take down the Necromorph Infestation.  Fans can find out more on Carver's backstory in Dead Space: Liberation, an original graphic novel published by EA's Visceral Games and Titan Books.  

Dead Space: Liberation is written by Ian Edginton and illustrated by Christopher Shy (Soul Stealer).  The book focuses on Sergeant John Carver as he learns some deep secrets of the Markers in the Dead Space universe.  The graphic novel will be released alongside the game on February 5th, 2013.  


That's not all, Necromorph fans!  Also coinciding with the game's release will be The Art of Dead Space, a hardcover gallery showcasing tons of images from the game series.  Everything from spacescapes to Necromorphs to character designs and in-game religion will be displayed.  This sounds like a really creepy coffee table book.

I'm a big fan of the Dead Space franchise, so anything that adds to it is right up my alley.  Christopher Shy's artwork was great in Soul Stealer so I'm looking forward to what he can do within this universe, especially with some of the terrifying creatures that pop up along the way.  

Which of these titles are you most excited for?  The game?  The graphic novel?  The art book?  All three?


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