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Just recently the internet was all a buzz with the availability of the Capcom videogame spinoff Dead Rising: Watchtower, a live-action movie based on the successful game franchise, on US streaming service Crackle. Well, now horror gaming fans globally have a chance to see the film as it will be available to rent or own on all major digital platforms on selected dates worldwide across Europe, Asia, Australasia, South America and Africa from July 1st 2015. The UK gets the option of DVD, Blu-ray or limited edition steelbook. All available as of today (27th July). To mark the occasion we've got an exclusive clip of the film featuring Jesse Metcalfe. Read on after the video for the official info and check out the trailer and stills below.


Dead Rising: Watchtower follows Chase Carter (Jesse Metcalfe), a reporter trying to make it big – but the pursuit of his career-defining story leads him into the heart of a zombie-infested warzone. East Mission, Oregon is locked down after police find the bodies of what appear to be victims of a zombie attack. Zombies are not a new phenomenon, but outbreaks are uncommon. Past incidents were only just contained in time and the country is nervous. When two ambitious Net 2.0 reporters, Chase and his colleague Jordan, get inside the quarantine zone to report on a large group of civilians trapped in an inner city dome stadium, they realise they’re waiting for a rescue that isn’t coming.


Many of those abandoned inside are survivors of past outbreaks who carry the zombie virus in their blood. They only survive by taking the antidote once every 24 hours -- a drug called Zombrex. When the local drug supply mysteriously fails, a small crisis explodes into mass panic and catastrophe.


The story unfolds from two perspectives: survivors inside the city and officials and the media on the outside. Unlike virtually all other zombie narratives, the world hasn’t ended. The outbreak is a large-scale natural disaster that the rest of the world watches on TV. After Jordan manages to escape the quarantine zone, she sets out to unravel the conspiracy behind the failed Zombrex, while Chase is trapped inside with a few others like tough loner with a secret Crystal (Meghan Ory) and grief-stricken mother Maggie (Virginia Madsen), battling
to survive. Their perilous, action-packed journey to escape simultaneously forces them to question what they’re willing to do to survive and, ultimately, their own sense of humanity.


The Dead Rising® game franchise has sold over 8.2 Million copies worldwide. Publisher Capcom has sold 200 Million game copies worldwide, including those from juggernaut series Resident Evil®, Street Fighter® and Mega Man®.

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