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DC Comics Unveils Halloween Variant Covers



Variant covers have made a big splash in recent years in the comic book industry.  Although they are one of the contributing factors to the medium's sharp decline in the 1990's, people keep buying them.  As long as sales are there, publishers big and small keep releasing them.  This has led to some pretty impressive images lately such as Skottie Young's Baby covers for Marvel or DC's 3D covers.  DC Comics is getting into the spirit of the season this October with special Halloween variant covers that will run across their books all month. 

These are slowly being revealed, but I've collected a batch of them here for you because that's just the kind of guy I am.  As this is "The New 52" expect many more images to show up as we get closer to October. 

Based on what has been leaked so far, my favorites are Flash #35 by Ryan Ottley,  Catwoman #35 by Josh Middleton, and Batman & Robin #35 by Chris Burnham.  What about you?



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