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Oh, vampires. It seems we'll never get tired of your bloodsucking ways. BOOM! Studios has announced Day Men, the latest vampire comic hitting store shelves and digital devices in just a few weeks. Illustrated by legendary artist Brian Stelfleeze, the book centers on a secret network of covens that control the world. The title characters are a group of humans who serve as protectors to their vampire overlords, doing their bidding while the sun is out. Day Men is created by Matt Gagnon and co-written by Michael Alan Nelson. Stelfleeze will be drawing covers and interiors for the first time since 2005.

“Brian Stelfreeze is a singular talent and we’re honored to be working with him on Day Men,” said BOOM!’s Editor-in-Chief, Matt Gagnon. “We’ve been building a world with this story that we can’t wait to share with readers. We’re describing the series as a Vampire Noir, and you’ll see what that looks like in July!”

"Style, action,  and sex all wrapped in a noir package,” said Stelfreeze. “This book is practically a thesis on the things I like to draw and the stories I love to tell."

The first issue of Day Men will be available on July 17th, featuring a cover by Brian Stelfreeze and a special “Night” Retailer Incentive cover which will come signed by Gagnon, Nelson, and Stelfreeze. Issue #1 is priced at $3.99.

This sounds like an interesting concept and one that makes total sense. How have vampires been doing basic tasks like going to the bank or picking up groceries all these years. The Day Men, of course! Somehow I think the comic will be a bit more exciting than paying the electric bill or mailing packages.

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