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DarkFuse is delivering a variety of themes this month from the walking dead to more "real life" terrors. 


And I have to admit, while I've always been a fan of the DarkFuse covers, that Love & Zombies one is a new favorite.


The New Flesh Keith Deninger Cover
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The New Flesh
Written by Keith Deininger
Novel published by DarkFuse
$4.99 (Kindle Edition) | $16.99 (Paperback) | $65 (Limited Hardcover) | Book Club
Released in June, 2013

When Jake, a shy fourth grader, starts a fire in the woods behind his school that gets away from him, he's punished and forgiven. But his life is never the same. Three years after the incident, the dreams begin. Dreams of flames and a strange creature Jake calls The Melting Man. Waiting and watching with an insidious grin, it lures him deeper and deeper into his darkest fears, and closer to an otherworld of fire and torment. And then, Jake begins to see The Melting Man wherever he goes.

Come with me, Jake…Come and see…

As his dreams bleed into waking life, Jake realizes he's being dragged toward a very real apocalypse, and that The Melting Man's powers are growing stronger. Asleep, awake, or trapped between the two, Jake must fight to understand not only who and what The Melting Man is and what the dreams mean, but how this creature and Jake's mysterious family legacy ties into a disturbing, violent and enigmatic film associated with his father, a failed screenwriter.

But there may be no way to stop what has already begun…because this is a new nightmare…a new terror…a new Flesh…

THE NEW FLESH, the debut novel of horror, madness and suspense from Keith Deininger.


F9 Michael Mcbride Cover
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Written by Michael McBride
Novella published by DarkFuse
$2.99 (Kindle Edition) | $35.00 (Limited Hardcover)
Released in June, 2013

The rate of violent crime is on the rise, and nowhere is this more evident than in the state of Colorado.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me...

It's called Acute High-Altitude Neuropathic Dissociation—or, more commonly, Mile High Syndrome—and Dr. Ellis Randall Harding, a neurologist, is determined to understand why. For him, it's personal. He was there on September 24th, 1994 when a gunman walked into the library and started shooting.

I once was lost, but now I'm found…

The answer is locked inside the mind of a monster who shot and killed nine people in 1968. The problem is he's in a vegetative state and incapable of communicating with anyone, except for Dr. Harding, who has figured out how to utilize medical imaging technology to amplify and interpret the killer's brain activity.

Was blind but now I see…

But as Dr. Harding learns, there are some things that mankind was never meant to understand. Chief among them, the true nature of evil.


Love And Zombies Eric Shapiro Cover Love & Zombies
Written by Eric Shapiro
Novella published by Darkfuse
$2.99 (Kindle Edition) | Book Club
Released in June, 2013

The zombie apocalypse has already ended. The government nipped the problem in the bud before it got out of hand. But now Henry, an aspiring filmmaker in Los Angeles, is getting a request from his old friend Sam Kranson. Sam Kranson says they need to go run an errand in Las Vegas. There's a hefty payday for the job. And it involves capturing a real live zombie.

But that can't be true, can it? Are there zombies out there in the Nevada desert? Or has Sam Kranson finally lost his mind? And more importantly: Will Henry's loving girlfriend Teresa strangle him if he goes on this adventure with Sam?

Part horror, part comedy, all madness and suspense, Love & Zombies is a lunatic burn through three days in the life of Henry—days in which he battles to stay alive, and get back to his love without becoming (un)dead.








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He's the puppet master. You don't see him, but he pulls the strings that gets things done. He's the silent partner. He's black ops. If you notice his presence, it's the last thing you'll notice — because now you're dead. He's the shadow you thought you saw in that dark alleyway. You can have a conversation with him, and when you turn around to offer him a cup of coffee, he's already gone.
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