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While I have read a ton of American comics, I don't think I've read any manga yet.  It's a pillar of nerd knowledge that I am definitely lacking in.  Dark Horse Comics has been pumping out a lot of interesting manga over the years and the publisher just picked up a title that may get me into the medium in a big way.  Beginning in April 2016, Dark Horse will be releasing the zombie survival series, I am a Hero in new omnibus editions, each collecting two of the original Japanese books.

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I am a Hero is a realistically drawn manga from Kengo Hanazawa that ranges from initial small battles for survival to a huge body horror epidemic that threatens all of humanity.  It follows a mentally unhinged manga artist as he witnesses the beginning of a zombie outbreak in Tokyo.  He's certain that he's destined to be the city's hero.  The fact that he possessing an actual firearm, something that's very rare in Japan, certainly backs up that theory.

The first I am a Hero omnibus is slated for release on April 6th, 2016.  The second volume follows in October 2016 with the third debuting in April 2017.

I Am A Hero Volume 1 Cover
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I Am A Hero Volume 1 Cover
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