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Digital first publishers like Monkeybrain have changed the way we look at the comic book industry. Creators have a wide array of outlets available to them when releasing their books and this process continues to evolve. IDW Publishing has partnered with Monkeybrain to bring some of these digital books to print, potentially reaching a whole new readership. The next comic to get this treatment is the robot comedy D4VE from writer Ryan Ferrier and artist Valentin Ramon.


Robots rule the planet after winning a war for Earth, but the results are less "brave new world" and more "same old, same old." D4VE was a great robot war hero but now he's stuck behind a desk with a soul-sucking day job. Instead of waging war against monsters, he's fighting traffic, mortgage payments, and the mundane. Those glory days are long gone...right? Something big is coming to help snap him out of his mid-life: crisis.


"D4VE is a story so close to our hearts, and to be able to bring our special brand of bizarre to the monthly print market is, frankly, insanely freaking cool," said series writer, Ferrier. "Monkeybrain blessed us with the opportunity to tell this story digital-first, and IDW is the perfect home—one built on unique and daring storytelling—for our madness to reach even more readers. We'd have to invent a new word to express our excitement, so we did: we are totally superextribbulated for D4VE to come out through IDW."


"Having D4VE find a new audience in print through IDW is a huge honor," said series artist, Ramon. "They are a publisher that inspires so much of what we have aimed to do with our story—pushing boundaries and expectations, featuring characters you can connect with. We hope our readers love D4VE as much as we loved creating it."


The first print issue of D4VE is scheduled for release in February 2015 and will feature a cover by Fiona Staples. Of course, you can buy it digitally right now.


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