Crawl To Me Idw Limited CoverIDW Limited has announced that Alan Robert's Crawl to Me will be their next release.  The graphic novel will receive a special limited edition hardcover release and it's definitely earned it.  Crawl to Me is an impressive comic that was created, written, illustrated, colored, and lettered by Alan Robert.  The book is currently being developed into a feature film with a screenplay written by T.J. Cimfel and David White.  The IDW Limited release will feature a custom case and cover with hand-drawn artwork by Robert.  As with the other releases from this imprint, fans will be able to select the level of original artwork and casing that they'd like to purchase according to their budget.

“To witness this little story develop into what it’s become is quite mind-blowing to me,” Says Robert. “It’s true horror in the sense that it’s meant to scare the reader to the core. Not just visually, but emotionally, too. Edgar is as terrifying as villains get and not just because of the vulgarities we actually see on the page, but more so, because of what’s implied in between the panels.”

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“Alan’s like no one we’ve ever seen. Incredibly talented, incredibly motivated.” Says Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall. “He comes in with these amazing, really dark, really twisted ideas. And you’re thinking, there’s no way a story like that can be pulled off in such a tight page count, and then the pages get here, and they’re complete home runs. Any series from Alan is a thrill.”

The IDW Limited release of Crawl to Me is now available for pre-order exclusively at their site with a planned ship date of mid-November.  The red version is $100 and limited to 150 copies, while the black version is $250 and limited to just 25.  Each is a 7.5" x 11" hardcover with 128 pages.  You can check out some preview images of the release below.

What do you think of this special release for Crawl to Me?  Will you be picking up one of these limited editions?


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