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Apex Publications has released the cover and contents for issue 63 of its Apex Magazine, out this month. This issue will bring you fiction and nonfiction from Foz Meadows, Amanda Forrest, John Moran, Erik Amundsen, Duane de Four, Bogi Takacs, and many more.


From the press release:


All the original short fiction, poetry, and nonfiction can be read online at the Apex Magazine website ( EBook editions, available as a subscription or purchased individually, also include a reprint by Nene Ormes and an excerpt from Zombies & Calculus by Colin Adams.


Table of Contents


"Ten Days' Grace" by Foz Meadows
"Sister of Mercy" by Amanda Forrest
"The Sandbirds of Mirelle" by John Moran
"Jupiter and Gentian" by Erik Amundsen
"The Good Matter" by Nene Ormes (eBook/subscriber exclusive)
"Zombies & Calculus - Excerpt" by Colin Adams (eBook/subscriber exclusive)


"A User Guide in the Application of Gem-Flowers" by Bogi Takács
"Conservation of Energy" by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro


"Resolute: Notes from the Editor-in-Chief" by Sigrid Ellis
"The Testosterone Injection That Could Ruin Orphan Black…And how to make sure it doesn't" by Duane de Four
"Apex Author Interview with John Moran" by Andrea Johnson
"Apex Cover Artist Interview with Cyril Rolando" by Loraine Sammy
"Clavis Aurea: A Review of Short Fiction" by Charlotte Ashley


Our podcast fiction is "Jupiter and Gentian" by Erik Amundsen and the striking cover art is by Cyril Rolando.


While it doesn't mention it in the press release, you can also get Apex Magazine via Patreon (which is how I do it). It's a great way to support indie press and get a nice magazine each month for it. And, bonus!, there are reward levels for those that donate for a year. So in addition to supporting indie press and getting a zine every month, there are additional perks for you. Win/win/win, I say.


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