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Copperhead Takes Flight in September



Do you think if we ever actually get out into space and start colonizing stuff that sci-fi stories will go away?  I hope not.  There are a whole bunch of tales I have yet to read in the genre and more are coming.  One such story is Copperhead, a new comic from writer Jay Faerber and artist Scott Godlewski, coming this September from Image Comics.  

Copperhead is actually a sci-fi western, centering on a single mother / new sheriff Clara Bronson.  Her town is where the comic gets its name, a small mining town on a distant planet.  On the surface, Clara may seem like an ordinary woman, but she has a few secrets.  Unfortunately, secrets don't last long in a small town like Copperhead.  


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Clara's reasons for taking the job are a mystery.  No one knows where she came from either.  Some think she might be on the run from someone, looking to start a new life in Copperhead.  Being the sheriff is far from anyone's idea of a dream job...except maybe the deputy who had his eye on the gig before Clara ever showed up.  The new sheriff is not the only strange mystery in Copperhead.  There's more to this little community than meets the eye.  

“Scott and I are having the time of our lives bringing this crazy Western/sci-fi mash-up to life,” said Faerber. “Combine Deadwood with Firefly and throw in a whole bunch of aliens, and you've got Copperhead.”

The first issue of Copperhead will be available in September 2014 and will retail for $3.50.  Joining Faerber and Godlewski are colorist Ron Riley and letterer/designer Thomas Mauer.  The comic is currently available for pre-order.










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