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Comet TV is a channel that a young me would have loved (and an old me still does). Centering on sci-fi and horror, if I had had access to this glorious television channel growing up, I would not have hounded my parents for cable as much as I did. Take a look at their lineup for December and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Stargate Atlantis Poster

Stargate Atlantis is HERE!


The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (1984)
Friday December 9 at 8/7C
Saturday December 10 at 8/7C
Monday December 12 at MIDNIGHT/11C
Friday December 16 at 4/3C
Saturday December 24 at Noon/11C


Beyond the Door III (1990)
Wednesday December 21 at 10am/9C
Saturday December 17 at 10/9C
Saturday December 31 at 6/5C


The Black Cat (1984)
Wednesday December 7 at 4/3C
Tuesday December 13 2am/1C
Tuesday December 20 Noon/11C


Blacula PosterBlacula (1972)
Thursday December 15 MIDNIGHT/11C
Tuesday December 20 MIDNIGHT/11C


Critters (1986)
Tuesday December 13 at Noon/11C
Sunday December 18 at 4/3C
Wednesday December 21 at 6/5C


Critters 4 (1992)
Thursday December 15 at Noon/11C
Sunday December 18 at 6/5C
Monday December 19 at 4/3C


Dark Tower (1987)
Saturday December 10 at 2am/1C
Saturday December 24 at 2am/1C



Daughters of Satan (1972)
Saturday December 24 at 6/5C
Thursday December 29 at Noon/11C


Delirious (1991)
Wednesday December 7 at 10am/9C
Saturday December 10 at Midnight/11C
Friday December 16 at 6/5C
Saturday December 24 at 10am/9C


Deranged (1974)
Monday December 19 at MIDNIGHT/11C


Donovan’s Brain (1953)
Tuesday December 6 at 10am/9C
Saturday December 17 at 2am/1C
Tuesday December 27 at 2am/1C


Encounter at Raven’s Gate (1990)
Tuesday December 13 at 10am/9C


Flash Gordon (1980)
Friday December 30 at 8/7C
Saturday December 31 at 8/7C


Frogs (1972)
Saturday December 17 at 2/1C
Tuesday December 20 at 4/3C
Thursday December 22 at MIDNIGHT/11C
Friday December 30 at MIDNIGHT/11C


Gog (1954)
Monday November 21 at 4/3C


The Haunted House of Horror (1970)Deranged Poster
Saturday December 24 at 2/1C


I.F.O. (1986)
Saturday December 31 at 2am/1C


K-9000 (1991)
Monday December 12 at 2am/1C
Tuesday December 27 at MIDNIGHT/11C


Mac and Me (1988)
Friday December 23 at 6/5C


Motel Hell (1980)
Saturday December 17 at 6/5C


New Year’s Evil (1980)
Saturday December 31 at MIDNIGHT/11C


Portrait of an Escort (1980)
Saturday December 31 at 10am/9C


Retroactive (1997)
Sunday December 18 at 2/1C


Scream, Blacula, Scream (1973)
Saturday December 10 at 4/3C


To All A Goodnight Small PosterSpecies (1995)
Saturday December 10 at Noon/11C
Wednesday December 14 at 2am/1C


Squirm (1976)
Saturday December 17 at 4/3C
Thursday December 22 at 2am/1C
Friday December 30 at 2am/1C


Tank Girl (1995)
Friday December 23 at 8/7C
Saturday December 24 at 8/7C


Timebomb (1991)
Saturday December 10 at 10/9C



Timestalkers (1987)
Friday December 16 at 10am/9C


To All a Good Night (1983)
Saturday December 24 at 10/11C


The Twonky (1953)
Sunday December 11 at Noon/11C


Wolfen (1981)
Friday December 16 at 8/7C
Saturday December 17 at 8/7C

That is a spectacular lineup! Blacula! Scream Blacula Scream! Frogs! Deranged! Wolfen! So much goodness to be found on one channel.

While Comet is available via over-the-air, you can also stream it online at and be sure to check your local cable provider as well to see if it's carried.



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