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There's been a renewed interest in folklore lately between podcasts and TV shows like Lore and comics like Wayward so it's no surprise that more are coming.  AfterShock Comics has announced a new title that would fit right into this new trend.  Clankillers from writer Sean Lewis and artist Antonio Fuso is describes as “the demented stepchild of Game of Thrones, Braveheart, and Mark Millar's Kick Ass.”  Set in ancient Ireland, the series deals with clans, mystics, warriors, and monsters of mythic proportion.  Here's the write-up from the publisher:

Finola has a problem—her father is losing his mind. All the old king cares about is power...and Finola thinks power is stupid. Finola thinks her vicious older sisters are stupid. Finola thinks the royal court is stupid, and above all she thinks the clans across the country are stupid. So she makes a plan with her good friend Cillian: Let's kill all the clans. And then, we go for dad. 

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“I'm first generation Irish. So, I grew up with all of my Grandpa's books of Irish mysticism and myths in my house. I was always obsessed with stories like the Dullahan (like the headless horseman) and the Deargs (who are basically vampires) and how the country was broken down into clans fighting and killing each other.” says writer Sean Lewis. “So I wanted to make a story about that. Many people don't realize King Lear is based on an Irish king. So I started thinking what if Shakespeare's Cordelia was like Hit Girl. Just tired of the clans destroying her country and the influence they have eon her family. What if her response was- kill the clans. All of them. To try and get the country back to being sane. Basically, that is the story- our main character Finola is the daughter of the most ruthless King in Ireland. He murders all the other clans to keep him safe but his madness and rage is directed at his own blood. Finola thinks it's all bullshit, so with her friend Cillian she sets out to bring it all down. Father and all."

Clankillers is Games of Thrones meets The Boondock Saints. Readers will find dark castles, ghosts, sorcerers, knights and two teenagers with tongues as sharp as razorblades who want to destroy everything.” added artist Antonio Fuso. “So we can say there is also a Sex Pistols after-taste in it.”

Clankillers #1 is set for release on July 18th, 2018.  It will feature a cover by Antonio Fuso and another by Juan Doe.


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