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The Sacrifice, the fourth book in ‘The Enemy’ series by best-selling author Charlie Higson, will be hitting store shelves on September 20th, 2012. Before you buy the book, you can check out the recently released trailer to whet your appetite.

From the press release:

Written and directed by Charlie Higson himself, this is the fourth in a series of trailers for the series and is the most ambitious trailer Puffin has ever made for a book.  Shot in locations around London, including on the Millennium Bridge, the trailer features young actors from Forest Hill School, South London and a cast of zombie-sickos played by fans who entered a nationwide competition to appear in the short film.  They bring to life some of the scenes from the new book and a give a taster of the action to come.

The trailer also introduces us to a grotesque new character, ‘Wormwood’ or the ‘Green Man’, so called as his entire body is covered in mould
an effect which took nearly a full day in make-up.

‘The Enemy’ series is set in a post-apocalyptic London after a mystery illness attacks everyone over the age of fourteen.  Some survive, but those that do face a more terrifying fate – they turn into hideous zombies with an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Children form gangs and attempt to survive in an unrecognisable world where there are dangers around every corner.

Filming for
The Sacrifice trailer, Puffin’s most ambitious trailer to date, saw:

  • 100 cups of tea and coffee drunk per day
  • 90 hours of pre-production preparation
  • 80 children auditioning for the cast
  • 70 sandwiches consumed
  • 60 members of cast and crew on set
  • 50 litres of orange juice drunk
  • 40 wardrobe items carefully damaged for zombie effect
  • 30 hours of footage
  • 20 litres of fake blood
  • 10 hours in make-up for the Green Man
  • a 5am call time on the Millennium Bridge
  • 2 days of filming
  • 1 epic trailer!

I've been really digging ‘The Enemy’ series since the first book, uh, The Enemy. Originally said to be a trilogy, the word now is this will be a monster series of seven books. If the first three books (and the first quarter of The Sacrifice, which I'm reading now) are any indication, this is going to be loads of fun.

You can check out some pictures from The Sacrifice trailer right here.

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