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Apex Publications announced this week that starting with Issue 58 (March 2014) of Apex Magazine there will be some changes that will make it not just a better magazine, but there will be additional perks for both subscribers and people who buy single issues.

From the press release:

  • Excellent Change One: Starting with issue 58 (March 2014) we will run three original stories per month (currently we run two). All three stories will be available for free on the Apex Magazine website. Naturally, they will also appear in the eBooks and subscriber editions.

In the past, we’ve run three or more original stories in an issue, but those were special occasions. Now you can expect it every month.

  • Excellent Change Two: Starting with issue 58 (March 2014) our monthly reprint will appear only in the subscriber edition and eBook editions (for single copy purchase).


  • Excellent Change Three: Starting with issue 58 (March 2014) the subscriber and eBook editions of Apex Magazine will include additional content. This content may be entire stories from our Apex catalog or an extended excerpt of a new release from the world at large (not just from our Apex stable).

Poetry, nonfiction, and our featured interview will continue to appear in both web and digital book formats.

We’re happy to be able to provide exclusive content for our financial backers. Our subscribers and those who purchase eBook editions are the reason we can continue publishing Apex Magazine month after month. We’re also happy to be bringing more original fiction to everybody. We strive to bring our readers the best science fiction, fantasy and horror currently being written, and this how we do it: by putting new stories out there for you to enjoy.

I can only imagine how tough it is to run a print magazine (especially an independent one), so I have to applaud the folks over at Apex for their efforts here.

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Apex Magazine 57 February 2014 Cover
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Apex Magazine 57 February 2014 Cover
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