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CAKEAGEDDON! The World's First Edible Horror Farm



Butcher, baker, nightmare maker. Take a jaunt down to any farm shop in the UK on a quest for a slice of cake and you'll find all the staples; Victoria Sponge, Lemon Drizzle, Coffee & Walnut and all the stuff that your Nan used to make. Not so for visitors to Standalone Farm in Letchworth, Herts, who will be treated to a vast array of grisly treats this Halloween. We've featured a few UK scare events on the site, but none yet that include baked, bloodied animal carcasses, iced offal and sugar-crafted offcuts, but that's exactly what will be on display at the world's first edible horror farm.


The event combines live horror action with cake for the first ever time, creating an incredible terrifying edible experience the likes of which have never been seen before. The family farm attraction will be taken over by renowned creative and food art curator Miss Cakehead for a special event targeted strictly at older teenagers and adults, which features some of the world's most infamous cake makers.


Visitors will experience a perverse cake box of fairy tales including deformed Animal Farm characters, Three (Slaughtered) Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood and her basket of intestines and the nemesis of Miss Muffet, a giant 7ft spider... all of course in 100% edible form. Miss Cakehead presents this twisted fairy tale for your taste buds this Halloween.


Red Riding Hood chasing you through the woods and the remains of the three slaughtered little pigs strung up and dripping 'blood' (strawberry sauce) are just some of the CAKE treats in store for you when the mistress of macabre cake takes over Letchworth Garden City's Standalone Farm every night from the 29th October to the 1st November. Cakeageddon – the World's first edible horror farm – will be extreme gruesome cake at its most terrifying.


Scattered around the farm will be a series of large scale cake installations which brave visitors will be able to tuck into if they dare... There will be plenty of nasty surprises in store as they go on their cake-walk though the night. Even the children's play barn on the farm is touched by Miss Cakehead's twisted mind, taken over by a nightmarish edible creation of Animal Farm.


Not forgetting her macabre cake roots, Miss Cakehead's extreme cake shop – Eat Your Heart Out – will be back for the fourth year. In fact this year there are two; one based at Standalone Farm itself (which can be visited without having to enter the farm) and another at The Hoxton Shoreditch. More information on tickets and the event can be found at www.cakeageddon.com or by following @miss_cakehead on Twitter.



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