Buffyverse Sampler CoverNo one likes to jump into the middle of a TV season.  You might be missing valuable information.  It's the same deal with comics.  There have been over a dozen issues each of season 9 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it's spin-off book, Angel & Faith.  Spike and Willow are also getting their own mini-series.  So what's a fan to do if they want to catch up?  

Dark Horse Comics has you covered with the Buffyverse Sampler.  Hitting shelves this January, the book collects the first issues of Buffy, Angel & Faith, Spike, and Willow.  The sampler will have all new cover art by C.L. Bradley.  It will have a total of 96 pages and retail for only $4.99.  For less than the price of two issues, you can get four in one handy comic.  

This is a nice way for any lapsed fan to get into season 9.  I've had issues with Buffy and Spike, but Angel & Faith has been pretty stellar and I'm looking forward to Willow.  What do you think of the Sampler?  Are you ready to get caught up on the Buffyverse?


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