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After Wayward debuted a little more than a year ago, I've become way more interested in Asian culture as it relates to comics.  I'm even reading my first manga.  This is why the news of Kittarou Witch Hunter is hitting at the exact right time for me.  The ongoing web comic written by Blake Von Klausur blends all-out ninja action with supernatural mysteries.  

The title character in Kittarou Witch Hunter roams through a perilous feudal Japanese countryside, solving mysteries and defeating witches and demons in an effort to clear his name.  Meanwhile, his Witch Hunter brethren are after his head for the alleged murder of Ichi, the emperor's only heir.  The web comic has a mix of genres including Japanese “chambara” sword fighting films, spaghetti westerns, forensic crime mystery, and gothic supernatural fantasy, so there's definitely something for everyone.

Kittarou Witch Hunter debuted on January 20th and is available free online.  New pages are added twice weekly.

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