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In the age of the Internet, it's tough to really surprise an audience.  Spoilers spread like wildfire before a movie has even finished shooting.  BOOM! Studios is keeping the surprise alive with their occasional visual teasers.  Sometimes they reveal little to nothing, but this time around, it's a pretty obvious reveal.  Check out the image below.


Sleepy Hollow 00
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Based on this, it looks like we've got a comic coming soon based on the Sleepy Hollow TV show on Fox.  What else could a headless dude like that represent?  Please tell me that the first arc is called “Getting A-head.”  As this is just a teaser, we don't have any info as to who will be writing or drawing the book.  This isn't the first TV show that BOOM! has adapted.  They've also been publishing a Sons of Anarchy book.  

I haven't seen the Sleepy Hollow TV show, but I've heard good things.  What say you, Internet?  Are you interested in seeing adventures of Ichabod Crane and his cop buddy?










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