Sometimes I miss a press release that comes through and I don't get an opportunity to write about it here on HorrorTalk.  Other times I find it buried in my inbox at just the right time.  Curse is one of those times.  A few weeks ago, BOOM! Studios announced a new horror comic that's aiming to create a new twist on the werewolf mythos.  Written by Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel and illustrated by Riley Rossmo and Colin Lorimer, the first issue is set to debut on January 15th.  How timely!  Here's the right up on Curse from the publisher:

Laney Griffith is a man who will do anything to save his son from leukemia, but the cost of treatment has broken him financially. When he pursues an elusive murderer in the wilderness of his small, rural community, in the hopes of securing a substantial bounty, Laney is confronted with something he never could have expected: a werewolf. The captive lycan, in human form, turns Laney’s life upside-down, forcing him to confront his haunted past and race against the clock—because the wolf will return, and Laney’s son’s condition continues to worsen. Curse is a story of a family’s survival at all costs.


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"Now this is the way to kick off the new year," said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. " I'm proud to present Curse as our opening salvo. Michael, Tim, Riley, and Colin have joined together to form one hell of a concussive grouping of talent. The fellas have created my favorite type of horror series. One that avoids cheap thrills and gaudy violence in favor of relatable characters on the brink and an unsettling monster that represents more than the terror it inflicts."  

I was sold on Curse when I saw the creative team.  After reading Hoax Hunters and ReincarNATE, I'll read anything written by Michael Moreci.  Riley Rossmo and Colin Lorimer have earned the same right after books like Rebel Blood and Bedlam for the former and Harvest for the latter.  I'm less familiar with Tim Daniel's work, but he's in good company so he's good by association right now.  Additionally, I think werewolves are due for a bit of reimagining.  The last great werewolf comic I read was Welcome to Hoxford from Ben Templesmith and that was several years ago.  

The first issue of Curse will be available on January 15th for $3.99 at your local comic shop, digitally, or directly from BOOM! Studios.


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