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18+ Blue Heaven hits Kickstarter

Studio: Brainworm Games
Platforms: PC
Release: June 2019

Rating: 18. Sometimes that's all I need to see to pique my interest. Very few games, or even films, tend to be 18+ nowadays – mostly due to the obvious fact that it narrows down the audience they can reach – but some things need that rating to be what they were meant to be. Blue Heaven, a game that is currently looking for $60,000 funding on Kickstarter by June 11th, is one such project.

Set in a dark, gritty cyberpunk world, Blue Heaven is an adult-focused hack-n-slash action-RPG with a heavy emphasis on 'adult focused'. The line between good and evil is extremely blurred, and players will jump into a bloody narrative as V1CT0R, fighting his way through an unforgiving metropolis of "deadly drugs, decomposing corpses and dark alleys".

Blue Heaven switches between two types of combat: hack-n-slash gameplay with melee weapons such as swords, and cover-based gameplay for firefights with longer range. It looks incredibly gory and Brainworm Games is making the most of their 18+ rating. This is made all the more realistic by a process called rotoscoping, whereby real-life actions were filmed from eight different angles before being transformed into isometric animation. It's all very fancy.

If Blue Heaven seems like your kind of game - and with that amount of 18+ action, why wouldn't it? - make sure you head over to its Kickstarter campaign for everything you need to know. To make this gritty universe a reality, Brainworm Games are looking to raise $60,000 by June 11th, and a $19 pledge will get you a digital copy of the game when it is released in June of 2019. You can also keep up to date with any further updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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