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One last job. Does it ever actually work out for mobsters and bank robbers? Of course, if it did, we wouldn't have much of a story, huh? Bang!Tango is one such tale, following Vinnie, a man who has put the horrors of his years in the New York mob behind him. Now he's working as the best tango dancer in San Francisco. That is, until Autumn shows up, she's the one that broke his heart. Autumn wants Vinnie to pull off one last job – robbing The Jock, the mob boss that wants Vinnie dead. She'll use the cash to pay for the gender reassignment surgery that will make her the woman Vinnie has always wanted.


Sex, violence, and ballroom dancing clash in Bang!Tango, written by Joe Kelly and illustrated by Adrian Sibar. The series was originally released by Vertigo in 2009, but Image Comics is collecting it for the first time this February. Sibar gave the book a near complete artistic face lift in preparation for the release.


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"I'd never tried a crime book before, but knew that if I was going to go there, I was really going there," said Kelly. "The characters in Bang!Tango aren't just broken, they're shattered. They are also complicated, sexually provocative, over-the-top and on occasion... even a bit redeemable. But this is a crime noir... no one really gets out clean, do they?"


Kelly describes Bang!Tango as a deconstruction of crime story archetypes. Roles like the "Tough Guy" and "Femme Fatale" are altered in a way that redefines them. The result is a book that is violent, sexy, and perverse while providing an examination of violence, sex, and perversion. There is so much about this that sounds awesome.


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"Bang!Tango is one of my more offbeat comic children, and I love every twisted bit of it," Kelly added.


Bang!Tango will be available in comic book stores on February 11th, 2015 and in book stores on February 24th, 2015. It is currently available for pre-order.


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