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Bad Dog Brings Twisted Buddy Comedy to Bounty Hunting



Outside of Cowboy Bebop, I don't know much about bounty hunters. Fortunately, Joe Kelly and Diego Greco will change that with Bad Dog: In the Land of Milk and Money, a new graphic novel published by Image Comics.  The book features Lou and Wendell, perhaps the worst bounty hunters in the American Southwest.  They're not your average guys though.  Lou is a werewolf who is so disgusted by humanity that he never changes back to his human form.  Wendell is a former priest who is now pursuing his true calling of sexual deviancy, drugs, and alcohol.  Together, they battle white supremacists, wallow in ennui, spout holy blasphemy, and head to Las Vegas for their biggest bust yet, all in the search for the next buzz.

“I love comedy. I especially love dark comedy and got to exercise those chops on Deadpool for a long time,” said writer Kelly. “For me, Bad Dog is a logical extension of that work — unrated, raunchier, nastier, hopefully funnier too — but with the same attention I gave to my previous flawed heroes. Without real themes and soul, the book would just be gags and blood. Lou is questioning his place in the universe, asking for answers, and getting one or two. Plus, there's a lot of inappropriate talk in the workplace. And sex toys. And drugs. And drugs mixed with other drugs. It's a hot mess really... but it has heart!”


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“Basically speaking, this is the equation: Working on Bad Dog = Laughing my head off,” said artist Greco. “This story is so, so… mmm… how can I put it… so nastily crazy and its characters are so dynamic that their combination turn the whole project into the most interesting one I have ever been part of. When I read the script I tend to laugh so hard that I spit all over my tablet. I just cannot get enough of all these people. In a few words, I love drawing Bad Dog, I love working with Joe and I really love spitting on my tablet!”

Bad Dog: In the Land of Milk and Honey is currently available at your local comic book shop.  It will be released in bookstores on July 22nd.


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