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Asylum Press and Pretend for Real Studios have released a trailer for their upcoming project, Rough House.  The story will be first explored in a four issue mini-series released in digital formats via Asylum Press with a print graphic novel to follow.  A feature film is also in the works.  Rough House focuses on an underground fighting ring in which innocent victims are thrown into battle with masked serial killers led by “Big Daddy” with possible ties to the government.  The companies are aiming for a mix between Fight Club and Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a bit of conspiracy thrown in.  

Here's the full synopsis:

The story begins with an athletic young woman known only as “The Girl” who is kidnapped and thrown into a bizarre world of masked serial killers who torment their victims in brutal underground fights, backyard wrestling matches and deadly mixed martial arts bouts.  She soon proves herself able to hold her own in death matches against colorful masked killers with names like “Bone Job”, “Baby Fat, and “Skeeter the Devil Boy”. Once inside the Rough House ,“The Girl” uncovers dark secrets that possibly link her to a secret government program and to the fighters themselves. As “The Girl’s” psyche is worn down by brainwashing and psychotropic drugs, she becomes more and more of a stone cold killer herself. She must decide whether she will escape the Rough House or stay focused on her true target, the ringleader called “Big Daddy.”

Rough House is based on a story idea and trailer created by Mike L. Taylor from Pretend for Real Studios.  It has already been turned into a feature length screenplay by Elizabeth J. Musgrave.  The comic mini-series is also written by Musgrave, featuring artwork from Taylor and Frank Forte.


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“I have a long history as a comic book artist and I am thrilled to see my movie concept brought to life on the comic book page,” says creator Mike L. Taylor. “We put together a great teaser trailer, we have a killer script and we’re in the process of doing storyboards and concept art for the film.”

“Mike gave me an outline and together we were able to create an interestingly warped world,” reveals writer Elizabeth J. Musgrave. “Each member of “Big Daddy’s” crew is a trained killer, but I tried to inject a tormented soul to each one.”

“We are excited to release this first glimpse into Rough House,” explains publisher Frank Forte. “It’s a dark, twisted tale that delves into what would happen if the victims in a slasher film were bad ass fighters themselves that could give the killers a run for their money…and show the viewer some brutal fight scenes in the process.  We also delve into MK-Ultra, The CIA, Black Ops and government conspiracies, it's very twisted.” 

No release date has been confirmed for Rough House either in comic or film format as of this time.










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