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Anon - The Game bringing AR-thriller action to iOS and Android

Studios: K5 Games and ARRI Media
Platforms: iPhone, Android
Release date: May 2018

In Anon – The Game, the upcoming augmented-reality mobile game for the equally upcoming film of the same name, you wake up in the bed of a beautiful, well-known vlogger. She’s been shot. You’re not sure how you got there and sirens are approaching. As you try to escape you are aided by the titular ‘Anon’ and are immediately thrown into the techno-thriller universe of the film, and you’ll be able to experience this universe from a different angle on iOS and Android this May.

Described as ‘Hitman meets Minority Report’, Andrew Niccol’s world is combining “cutting-edge VR storytelling and puzzle elements with first person stealth mechanics and a sophisticated skill system.“ Players will be able to use their phone to interact with a virtual environment using AR, immersing themselves into the noir-thriller narrative without the need for a headset.

Expect to be picking locks, hacking computers, searching under beds and peeking around corners – all actions that will help you solve riddles and feel like you truly exist in the world of Anon. In an interesting game-to-reality twist, players will also be able to share screenshots of AR-billboards showing brands to collect in-game currency or even real-world product vouchers. This is the future.

Anon – the film – is being released on Netflix on May 4 in the US and on Sky Cinema on May 11 in the UK. It’s also coming to Wanda in China. As for Anon – The Game, players will be able to jump into Niccol’s universe in May on iPhone (SE onwards) and Android. Will you be hacking into this universe? I will. Expect a full review soon.

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