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It's an exciting week for fans of classic horror, as new UK distributor Altitude Films is bringing a plethora of atmospheric chillers to DVD. We'll be taking a look at one release each day for the next seven days and we'll cap it off with a contest in which you can win the entire release slate in one bundle. Keep your eyes on the articles and look out for the contest when it goes live. This is one competition you won't want to miss!

Today we're taking a look at another horror film that brought together the trio of quintissentially British genre actors, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee : Scream and Scream Again.


Police are called in to investigate a series of brutal murders.  At first they believe the deaths are unrelated, until pathologist David Sorel (Christopher Matthews) performs a post-mortem revealing that each body has been sucked dry of blood, giving the appearance of the work of vampires.  

Ordered by a government official to destroy the evidence, the police drop the case.  But Sorel refuses to stop looking into the mystery.  In an attempt to capture the crazed killer he is led to the mysterious mansion of Dr. Browning (Vincent Price), where he finds a secret operating theatre; a workshop for the creation of super humans out of limbs and organs from living bodies.

But in a sadistic twist, the mastermind behind Browning's evil deeds pushes him into a vat of acid, putting a grisly end to his diabolical plans.

Scream and Scream Again is released on DVD by Altitude Films on 27th May 2013

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