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It's an exciting week for fans of classic horror, as new UK distributor Altitude Films is bringing a plethora of atmospheric chillers to DVD. We'll be taking a look at one release each day for the next seven days and we'll cap it off with a contest in which you can win the entire release slate in one bundle. Keep your eyes on the articles and look out for the contest when it goes live. This is one competition you won't want to miss!

Today we're taking a look at the British horror film feature genre stalwarts Vincent Price and Peter Cushing with a guest appearance by legendary chat-show host Michael Parkinson: Madhouse.


Paul Toombes (Vincent Price), veteran Hollywood horror film star, is making a comeback in a new TV series based on the old "Dr. Death" movies which first made him world famous.  

The trouble with Paul is his past.  A beautiful young actress to whom he was engaged to be married was found murdered in strange circumstances.  Although acquitted after standing trial for the killing, Paul's career was shattered and the breakdown he suffered left him an unbalanced wreck.  

Now twenty years on, his old actor-friend Herbert Flay (Peter Cushing) welcomes him back to the role.  But the curse of Dr. Death strikes again as a series of gruesome murders drag Paul into his past and he begins to wonder if he is in the grip of impulses totally beyond his control

Madhouse is released on DVD by Altitude Films on 27th May 2013

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