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Not that long ago, Dynamite Entertainment had announced that Vampirella would be having a crossover with the Xenomorphs from Aliens, courtesy of Dark Horse Comics.  Corinna Bechko was on board to write the project, but no artist was announced.  That has changed as the publisher has revealed that Javier Garcia-Miranda will be handling the interior artwork.  Gabriel Hardman will provide covers.  

Aliens / Vampirella picks up as humans have started to colonize Mars only to find that something ancient and sinister got there first.  Vampirella, a “supernatural exterminator,” is faced with a mystery that only she can solve.  I wonder if it's who can hear you when you scream in space, because I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that particular riddle.  


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This isn't the first time that Garcia-Miranda has drawn Vampirella as he previously provided some artwork for the landmark issue #100.  

Aliens / Vampirella #1 is set to debut in September.  It is currently available for pre-order.


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